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You must have been on sufficiently of trains before but have you ever travelled in a train which is equivalent to a royal palace where you are treated like a king. If no, then the luxury trains of India are the best stake. Royal poetry in motion, these trains is the captivating charms of India. Everything about these trains is impressive and royal. They have been designed to offer a unique opportunity to tourists who want to experience the attraction and magnetisms of different destinations while sitting in the lap of luxury. Travel like raja-maharajas, and experience the real taste of India. To cater to all your needs, an attendant is available at your service round the clock on board.

India is well-known for the royal and welcoming culture since the long-gone era. Making a sudden and rapid shift towards modernism has broken the shackles of conventional traditions but the royal traditions to which every Indian pays respect have been cherished by us. These traditions reflect superbly in the form of Luxury Trains in India which display the magnificence of Indian Traditions

Palace on Wheels

The ancient India is recognized for its emperors and empresses ruling their supremacies living in their royal forts and palaces consuming nourishments in gold and silver gears. This royal experience can be re-lived by anyone who boards the Palace on Wheels train of India, which really demonstrates the Palace running on the wheels.

Indian Maharaja Express

For a journey which is high on royalty, luxury and comfort, board the Indian Maharaja Express Train. It is a highly lavish train of India which offers imperial journey to its guests. Once you board The Indian Maharaja Express you experience royalty at its best. The journey is no less than a fairy-tale knowledge. The train takes you to various charming destinations of unbelievable India.

Maharaja Express

On your India Tour go for a royal journey in Maharaja Express, one of the most comfortable trains in the world. India is a world famed traveller destination with a slew of wonderful attractions. India encompasses numerous magnetisms such as mountains

Royal Rajasthan on Wheels

Spend a week on an extravagance train Royal Rajasthan on Wheels and enjoy your holidays in the lap of extravagance. Offering sheer luxury the train takes you to the charming destinations of Rajasthan in a royal style. Your classic journey on the Train will take you to the stunning palaces, regal forts, mesmerizing landscapes, unfathomable sand dunes and colourful bazaars of Rajasthan.

The Royal Orient

Board the Royal Orient Train which is one of the most delightful trains of the world and adorn your holidays with royalty. Exemplifying the glory and charm of the era of raja-maharajas, this train offers royals and extravagance in plenty. Ranked as one of the most lavish trains of the world, this train beckons you for a royal experience. It takes its guests to some of the well-known destinations of the states of Rajasthan and Gujarat.

The Fairy Queen

The antiquity of the Fairy Queen dates back to 1856 when the regal train rolled out for the East Indian railway. The engine of this train is probably the oldest working engine in the world. After an interval of 141 years, the fairy queen rolled again on 1 February 1997 from New Delhi.

The Kalka Shimla Toy Train

A journey by the Kalka-Shimla train cleans the experience of royals combined with the gigantic aura of the mountains. This track still has all the grace and recalls of an age when people travelled in leisure and endured every moment of it.

Toy Train

The toy trains that are common in India are Darjeeling Toy Train, Shimla Toy Train, Nilgiri Toy Train, Matheran Toy Tra

Deccan Odyssey

No other train covers Maharashtra and Goa better and more restfully than Deccan Odyssey. The train makes its way through the most popular destinations of Maharashtra and Goa and is yet another jewel in the crown of Indian railways.